The Annual Meeting & #CMAP50thAnniversary Celebration: on 4/21 during Spring Carnival

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We are here to cultivate and facilitate a highly effective network for Black Alumni; to encourage a spirit of mentorship to students; to highlight achievements of alumni and students; and to assist the University in its efforts to grow and support a diverse community.

Regional Networks

Are you interested in local CMBAA events near you?  Attend an event, or help plan a CMBAA event in your metro area. Our goal is to strengthen the alumni network by connecting CMBAA alumni, families, and friends by holding fun, high impact events in your area to build a stronger social and professional network.

On Campus Support & Activities

We offer a wide variety of opportunites to support students and university programs & activities: including SPIRIT, SFS, SRS, NSBE, Black History Month, BGSO, Tepper BBA, Heinz BA, Admissions & Mentorship, Endowments & GIfts, Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion. Career Center, CMU Faculty & Staff Recruiting, Spring Carnival CMBAA Annual Meeting, and Special Events.

2018 CMBAA Memory Book

Complete your memory book page. Click on the memory book page template to download the file.  Update the file and email your memory book page to

We are collecting memory book pages from all CMBAA members in honor of the CMAP 50th Anniversary in order to help you stay connected with other alumni and to document the contributions and achievements of black alumni over the past 50 years in the new 2018 CMBAA Memory Book.

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Resources & Related Sites

Summer Academy for Math and Science (SAMS)

The Summer Academy for Math and Science provides rising high school seniors with a strong interest in computer science, engineering and/or the natural sciences, with the opportunity to achieve essential skills necessary to pursue and complete majors in STEM fields. 

The Summer Academy curriculum includes seminars and highly collaborative hands-on projects, designed and taught by Carnegie Mellon faculty, outstanding teachers and graduate students, carefully chosen due to their commitment to teaching.

Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion

The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion actively cultivates a strong, diverse and inclusive community capable of living out these values and advancing research, creativity, learning and development that changes the world.

The Center, in its inaugural year, offers resources to enhance an inclusive and transformative student experience in dimensions such as access, success, campus climate and intergroup dialogue. Additionally, the Center supports and connects historically underrepresented students and those who are first in their family to attend college in a setting where students’ differences and talents are appreciated and reinforced.

This year marks the 50th annivesary of the Carnegie Mellon Action Project (CMAP) program. CMAP, renamed Carnegie Mellon Advising Resource Center (CMARC) in 2006, supported CMU students of color in finding community and resources to not only persist, but thrive. 

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Consider making gifts to:  SFS, SRS, NSBE, CMBAA Endowment, CMAP Legacy Scholarship Endowment, SAMS, etc.

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SPIRIT Racing Systems (SRS)